Integration Testing


The Division has 22 formal members with an average age of 28. 90 % of them own master degree or higher and 7 have senior professional title. The team works together in a harmonious atmosphere. There are also 4 graduate students.      

The Division of Integration Testing is a research unit of the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization (CSU) specializing in testing related business. Space Software Testing and Evaluation Center (SSTEC) is a branch of it. SSTEC carries out third-party evaluation and system integration & testing on software for systems with high reliability based on independent Software Verification and Validation Testing (ISVV).  The division has corresponding environment for software third-party  evaluation,  system joint testing hall and electrical logging room.

Missions and research content

The Division has distinct characteristics and rich experience in engineering. It mainly undertakes third-party evaluation on high level software, system integration and testing for each type task of the application system of China Manned Space Program.Its major research direction is high reliable system integration technique and flexible intelligence testing technique.

Undertaken tasks

The existing technical team has participated in the testing of software and system for Shenzhou series spacecrafts, TianGong and cargo spaceship. Its future work focuses on manned space station utilization.

SSTEC also relies on existing qualification and has provided software testing services for multiple projects besides of China Manned Space Program in strict accordance with the work flow of ISVV.

Goals of development

The Division is an institute in charge of payload system integration, software testing and evaluation for the manned space application system. Through making technological breakthrough and accumulating engineering experience, it aims at enhancing the team’s strength to create a domestic first-class testing institute of complex system.


The division developed the payload integration testing system, ICOE,SCOE and various types of electrical interface signal level simulation front-end, simulation equipment for typical actuator  and more than 30 sets of equipments during the implementation of the tasks. Meanwhile, under the task technical improvement project, the division purchased over 190 sets of tools and equipments that can effectively support various testing.

In recent 5 years, the division has won the PLA Science and Technology Progress Award for four times, and the innovation and progressiveness of its key technologies are recognized by experts in the field. it has applied for 2 patents of utility models and published 6 papers in journals and conferences.


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