Chinese Academy of Science's positioning of the CSU is: "An overall management and technology integration unit of CAS on key space utilization system programs like the Chinese Manned Space Program."  

Its main responsibilities include:  

To organize and launch researches of space utilization strategy, to formulate and implement plan and program of space utilization missions;

To implement organization and management of space utilization mission in programs like Chinese Manned Space Program; 

The overall design and system integration in space utilization missions; 

To establish space utilization technical supports and assurance capabilities for space utilization, including system design, scientific experiment, integrate testing, test verification, reliability guarantee, and information technical support; 

To organize international communication and cooperation on space utilization in China’s manned space program; 

Promote the outputs and implement the outreach and application of the achievements; 

To assist the administration of supportive and collaborative missions of all systems in the Manned Space Program undertaken by CAS, etc.. 

According to the positioning and responsibilities stated above, CSU will make great effort to become the one that leads to plan and implement missions, drives force of innovative development, bridge between science and engineering, backbone to realize the projects and the leader and core of major missions like Space Utilization System of Chinese Manned Space Program. CSU will integrate and take advantage of the multi-disciplinary strengths of CAS, in order to realize Integral innovation and promote the giant leap in our national space science and utilization. Make important innovative contributions of fundamental, strategic and forward-looking nature to our nation. 

According to the requirement of CAS to make "Achievements, Talent, Ideas", CSU will establish top-ranking capabilities in researching and planning strategies, strengthen international exchange, make forward-looking mission plans with international vision; establish top-ranking capabilities in system design and integration, innovate system technology of utilization projects; establish top-ranking administration capabilities of space utilization system, realize innovation in administration; establish top-ranking technological support platform, service insurance platform, international cooperation platform, project management platform and an top-ranking talents team. 

The vision of CSU is to become "the core institute of space utilization research in CAS; the national top-ranking and international famous institute of space utilization." 

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