Electric Information


As an important technical support department of the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization (CSU), the Division of Electric Information is mainly responsible for the technical research, system design and development of electronics and information and provides technical support for the utilization system. The Division is the technique entity in space electronics and space computer engineering of CSU. It has successfully provided electronics general technical support for various spaceflight missions and completed design and development of payloads and their supporting system. It has also fulfilled research and development of subjects in several fields.  

The division currently has 38 researchers, with 2 re-employ experts and 1 secretary. They strive to become a scientific research team with reasonable structureexcellent quality and youthful vigor.

The office space  is about 300 square meters currently, and the lab area is about 250 square meters. More than 50 instruments and equipment for scientific research, e.g. oscilloscope, logic analyzer, etc. are located here.

Subject setting and research direction

The major research direction of the Division of Electric Information mainly includes one first-level discipline (Computer Science and Technology), and two second-level disciplines (Space Network of Information and Processing Technology, and Controlling and Application of Computer Technology).

The technical direction of the division mainly consists of

1. System engineering technological research on space electronics

Relevant research on overall feature recognition, system structure and advanced fault-tolerant method for space complicated electronics systems

2. Information network technology for space utilization

Conduct research on equipment access technology, super-speed data exchanging technology and networking technology of information networks

3. Experiment controlling technology of space payload

By analyzing the demanding of the space science experiment, find the common characteristics, deal with key-point issues and carry out relevant research to keep up with cutting-edge technology

4. Space Distributed data processing Technology

Conduct research on in-orbit processing technology of multisource mass data. The research contents cover data processing system structure technology for super-speed, massive and multisource in-orbit data, space distributed data processing technology and space real-time refining process technology.

5. Space distributed digital storage technology

Conduct relevant research on storage technology for high-reliable space data, distributed network storage protocol and storage application protocol.

Scientific research activities and progress


TG-1 PDHU had functioned properly for 400 days since it was launched in September, 2011. It has obtained a lot of military and civil application achievements, which reseached the highest level in China and had been highly praised by the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the Central Military Commission.


SZ8-General bio-electric control cabinet

As the connection between BIOBOX and PCU, the bio-electric control cabinet provides power supply and data interface between BIOBOX and spaceflight platform, provides power management functions such as surge suppression and over-current protection for BIOBOX, has transport control management on BIOBOX, stores experimental data and engineering parameter of BIOBOX, and ensures information extraction and analysis of in-orbit storage data after it returns.


Application Information System

Application Information System is generally responsible for the control and management of payloads, provides technical support for the collection, storage, process and transmission of payload in-orbit data, and ensures compatible operation of payloads when they are in orbit.

Space scientific experimental cabinet

The outside envelop of Space science experimental equipment cabinet use the way of international standard cabinet, support the related experimental fields, keep the advanced technical support level and availability by upgrade or replace service, and accommodate the demanding of science technology over the life cycle.


Scientific experiment in-orbit data processing technology

Conduct perspective research on in-orbit data processing technology of space scientific experiments.

Innovative projects of CAS

The project analyzes the primary mission of the application system of the space station, carries out design on system scheme, and has demonstration and verification. Through scheme design and demonstration of space utilization system, the project puts forward the preliminary technical scheme of space station utilization, which lays strategic pattern for utilization and a solid foundation for CAS to make it complete the follow-up task of China Manned Space Program better.

High speed data storage technology

High speed data storage technology is the key predicted project of the GAD (General Armament Department) in the field of high resolution earth observation.


As the sub-modular of XX information recorder, it offers solid state storage ability of massive high speed data, and has reliable and detailed records on real-time work condition information.


Scientific payoffs

Up to 2013, the division had been published more than 10 academic papers and 1 academic book, applied for 6 patents, took part in 10 international conferences, and reported 6 prospective subjects.



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