Strategic Planning


The Division of Strategic Planning (DSP) is engaged in conducting strategic research of space utilization for China Manned Space Program (CMSP), in order to guide and promote the development of space utilization. Moreover, it attempts to provide constructive ideas and recommendations for the sustainable and healthy development of Engineering and Technology Center of Space Utilization (CSU). Currently, the LSP has a staff of 6, among which 3 are PhD and 3 are MSc. There are also 1 PhD candidate, 3 master degree candidate sand 1 research fellow.

The main responsibilities of the DSP:

Performing analysis to inform the development of the CSU’s overall strategy; Formulating and, as needed, iterating CSU’s strategy options to align with national goals and the CMSP’s vision and mission; Assessing changes in the CSU internal and external environment; Developing a strategic management process that aligns with CSU’s performance management system; Performing analysis to inform the development of space utilization system of CMSP; Facilitating the 8 Space Utilization panels; Planning space science research meetings; Developing the long range (strategic) plans, short range (tactical) plans and roadmap for space utilization for CMSP; Developing AO of space utilization projects, evaluating and selecting research proposals for China’s Space Station (CSS); Publishing Utilization Trend of Manned Space Engineering; Providing information services for the space administrators, space scientists and engineers.

Research Progress

1 Strategic Research

The strategic research report and the technological analysis report in the area of space utilization for future human space exploration have been presented, which defined the science goals for future possible destinations of human space exploration and proposed a series of critical techniques to be developed. Several strategic research reports have been finished in various disciplines of space science such as space astronomy, space physics, microgravity science, space life science, and earth observation, etc. Six issues of magazines Utilization Trend of Manned Space Engineering have been published which are read by hundreds of people including the administrators of China manned space program, scientists and engineers in space utilization, social public, etc.

2 Projects Selection for China’s Space Station

Hundreds of proposals of four disciplines which are life science, microgravity fluid, space material science and fundamental physics for China Space Station have been collected and reviewed. Above 70 projects are selected. Consequently, “The first batch of space science projects planning report for China’s Space Station” has been finished. Furthermore, dozens of guides for exposed payloads were completed. At the same time, space utilization projects assessment and selection standard has been presented.

3 Scientific Research Projects

Several scientific research were conducted, which include: (1) Critical techniques research of space utilization for China’s Space Station; (2) 2050 development trend research; (3) Space science and utilization standard system research and 6 critical standards; (4) Lunar human-robot joint exploration concept research.



1)    Publications

Utilization Trend of Manned Space Engineering (Magazine)


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