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Data Utilization Center (DUC) was established in early 2013. Since establishment, it has set up a high quality team with reasonable specialty structure and strong technical strength. Following the spirit of manned space flight, and with the relentless pursuit of space science data application of the manned space program, team members of DUC work hard, insist on innovational development, and have formed a united, progressive and vibrant cultural atmosphere.

Relying on the manned space utilization data acquisition, processing, management and distribution service technology accumulated by the Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization (CSU), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) for years, DUC keeps up with the technological development trend in space science application, computer science, space science big data and other areas, and actively carries out the work of "data service, achievement transformation, popularization and application ".

Currently, DUC is undertaking data service, popularization and application work of Tiangong-1 target aircraft application, and responsible for data processing and product generation, data archiving and management, data distribution service, and other related work in multiple disciplines, including space integrated earth observation, space environment exploration and so on. DUC mainly carries out the design, development and operation professional work of advanced ground processing system for standardization data products, massive data management and 3-dimensional visualization system, and extension service platform of space utilization. So far, advanced earth observation data has been widely used in our country in many fields, such as mineral resources survey, forestry resource survey, island and coast change monitoring, urban thermal environmental change monitoring, land use change monitoring, emergency response and disaster monitoring and so on, and has achieved abundant valuable research achievements. Besides providing data product services, DUC has been constantly exploiting the value and potential of datas, actively exploring new model for data service, and has achieved favorable comprehensive benefits.

In the future, DUC will perform as the construction and operation agency of the science data center of China manned space utilization mission,  continuously carrying out data processing and sharing service in the full life cycle of subsequent target aircrafts, cargo spacecrafts, space stations and other space application missions, conducting research on related norms, standards and systems within its professional work, and developing interdisciplinary, cross domain, and distinctive applied research and demonstration work to promote achievement transformation and technology transfer, further expand the influence of manned space utilization system, and promote comprehensive increase of utilization benefit.

Based on the discipline background of computer application technology, signal and information processing etc., DUC will enhance the construction of distinctive specialties, including advanced ground application system technology, space information integrated processing and application technology, big data efficient organization and management, and visualization technology, data quality analysis and control, data mining and knowledge discovery technology etc. DUC will gradually establish a better specialty system, and cultivate professional techniques and abilities with outstanding advantages, to ensure the completion of each manned space utilization mission and  the realization of sustained and greater development.

Scientific research activity and achievement

From September 2011 to now , DUC has developed and operated the “Tiangong-1 earth observation data processing system”. It works reliably and stably, and has cumulatively acquired and processed a mass of data products, which provides support for the application of earth observation data in multiple fields.

From October 2013 to now, DUC has developed and operated the “Tiangong-1 high-resolution remote sensing image visualization platform”. It is served for fast query, browse, location, download and management of multi-source, distributed earth observation data, and greatly improves the efficiency of data management and service.

Since August 2013, DUC has planned and carried out the publication of the “Tiangong-1 remote sensing application” special issue by collecting and sorting papers, and organizing experts to review. The issue was submitted to the editorial department of the Journal of Remote Sensing.and has applied for an issue number. This issue is in typesetting and proofreading stage and will come out recently.

From January 2014 to now, DUC has built and operated  “Tiangong-1 Service Platform for Promoting Space Utilization”(URL:, providing services such as search, browse,download of Tiangong-1 earth observation data, as well as order management, user registration, orbit visualization and typical application results for domestic public users, and playing an important role in promoting application and scientific research of Tiangong-1 earth observation data.

In May 2014, DUC designed and prepared the science popularizing materials of “Tiangong-1 application of hyperspectral imager”, and participated in the activity of Beijing Science and Technology Week.

"Tiangong-1 service platform for promoting space utilization"

“Tiangong-1 remote sensing application” special issue

“Tiangong-1 high-resolution remote sensing image visualization platform”


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