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On October 11, 2019, Yang Liwei, China's first astronaut, visited the Center for Space Utilization, CAS, and video-connected to around 300 teachers and students of Sebastiao e Silva in Cascais, Portugal. Yang Liwei answered the detailed questions from the students about the space flight experience and the China Manned Space Program, and recalled the training he had experienced along the way and the difficulties he had overcome. He talked about the title of "space hero". Yang Liwei said that he must first thank the party and the country for the cultivation and trust given to him, so that he was fortunate enough to undertake China’s first manned space flight mission; Secondly, since the work has given him honor, then it should be better to use this honor back to develop and promote the work. After the Q&A session, the school principal, the city hall representative and all the teachers and students expressed their gratitude to Yang Liwei. Yang Liwei enthusiastically encouraged the students to study hard and join the cause of manned space flight in the future for the development for all mankind.

Teachers and students from Sebastiao e Silva video-connected China's first astronaut Yang Liwei

During the period, the first Portuguese astronaut-to-be, Rui Moura was also on the scene to engage in a dialogue with Yang Liwei. Moura thanked Yang Liwei for his contributions to scientific progress and the exploration of the universe, and expressed his high expectations for the China Space Station. Yang Liwei congratulated Moura on his upcoming travel to the space and sincerely invited him to come to China to visit and exchange thoughts on cooperation around the China Space Station in the future. Subsequently, the whole event ended in a friendly atmosphere.

The first Portuguese astronaut-to-be Rui Moura


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