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On May 28, local time, the Chinese Permanent Mission in Vienna and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs (UNOOSA) jointly organized the opportunity announcement ceremony of International Cooperation on China Space Station in Vienna, Austria, inviting the world to actively participate in the international cooperation of space science experiments and utilizations on the future China Space Station.

Pic.1 The ceremony site

In 2010, the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs established the “Human Space Technology Initiative” (HSTI) project under the framework of the space utilization project. It aims to promote the participation of more countries, especially developing countries, in manned space utilizations and space education. To promote the development of human space technology and international cooperation in manned space flight. In order to support the implementation of the HSTI project, in March 2016, the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) and the UNOOSA signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Agreement for cooperation in the utilization of the China space station, providing funds and resources on China Space Station to UNOOSA, giving the opportunity of conducting space science experiments and utilizations on board China Space Station to science groups from U.N. countries. Since 2017, CMSA has worked closely with the UNOOSA to draft series of cooperation document. The official release confirms the extensive solicitation of cooperation projects, will further foster and promote international cooperation in manned space flight, and create opportunities for all countries in the world to use the China Space Station to carry out utilization experiments and benefit from it.

Pic.2 Address by Ambassador Shi Zhongjun

During the ceremony, Ambassador Shi Zhongjun, Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations and other international organizations in Vienna, and Simonetta Pippo, Director of the UNOOSA, attended the ceremony and delivered speeches. In his speech, Ambassador Shi Zhongjun clarified China’s open, peaceful, and win-win concept of international cooperation in outer space. He welcomed all parties to participate in the international cooperation of China’s Space Station and work together to explore space and pursuit common interests. Director Pippo highly praised the tremendous achievements of China’s space development and believed that the China Space Station international cooperation project is exciting and will enable China’s technology and experience to benefit other countries, improve the international cooperation and capacity of manned space, and promote the understanding of utilization of human space science and technology. She also appeal to UN member states to actively participate in and benefit from cooperation. Representatives of CMSA attend the ceremony and delivered speeches, expressed the principles of China’s manned space flight for international cooperation, highly praised the understanding and support given by the UNOOSA in cooperation, and sent invitations to representatives of all parties to participate the international cooperation in the field of space science on China Space Station. The representatives from the CSU briefly summarized the space utilization experiment support capability of the China’s Space Station.

Pic.3 Address by Simonetta Pippo

In addition, the theme film of China’s manned space was also broadcast on the site. The development history of China’s manned space was comprehensively reviewed, and the status of China Space Station’s mission and international cooperation were introduced. China Aerospace Photo Exhibition was to demonstrate China’s achievements and international cooperation in the areas of manned space, deep space exploration, Beidou navigation, and space capability.

On the day of the ceremony, the UNOOSA took note of the formal invitation to all countries, inviting countries to submit applications for cooperation projects by August 31 this year, and CMSA Network also issued a joint announcement of cooperation opportunities (see the link at the end of the relevant application documents). China and the United Nations will conduct a joint review and determine the specific cooperation projects to be implemented by relevant parties.

Representatives of relevant international organizations including Li Yong, Director-General of UNIDO, and more than 120 permanent envoys and diplomats from more than 60 countries including Russia, Italy, France, India, South Africa, Nigeria, Malaysia, and the United States attended the ceremony. Nearly 20 Chinese and foreign media such as China, Russia, Germany, and Egypt have reported on the scene.

(Cited from CMSA official network)


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