Abroad staff from Minister of Science and Technology of China hold Training Course in CSU

On the afternoon of May 16, 2017, abroad staff from Minister of Science and Technology of China (MOST) hold a training course in Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSU). Deputy Director of International Cooperation Bureau of CAS, Mr. CAO Dianwen, Deputy Director of CSU, Mr. ZHAO Guangheng, attended this training course.

Deputy Director Cao introduced achievements in international cooperation of CAS. Cao Dianwen hoped that CAS and MOST can have more communication and resource sharing, to complement each other's advantages and make more contribution to international science and technology cooperation. Deputy Director Zhao extended warm welcome to abroad staff from MOST, and introduced CSU and the international cooperation work. Zhao Guangheng expected this training course can deepen abroad staffs understanding on the space science and utilization system, and can provide more directions for abroad staffs in their future work.

Members of the training course visited the Payload Operation and Administration Center and Payload Integrated Testing Hall. These platforms and equipment integrate interactive simulation technology, immersion display technology etc., which interpret the concept and complex mechanisms of space science onboard Tianzhou-I and Tiangong-II vividly.

Abroad staff of MOST were interested in international cooperation achievement of CAS. They said that MOST and CAS have agreat potential to cooperate and should work together to make contributions to the pregress of international science and technology cooperation of our nation.


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