Space Utilization System Brief Preliminary Results of Scientific Experiment onboard Tiangong-II

On the afternoon of April 15th, space utilization system of manned program held a conference to brief preliminary results of the recovered scientific sample onboard Tiangong-II. Deputy Director of the manned space program, vice president of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, party member Xiang Libin, hero astronaut Jing Haipeng and Chen Dong attended the meeting.

Chief commander of space utilization system, director of CSU, Gao Ming introduced the preliminary results of space science experiment onboard Tiangong-II. Since September 15, 2016, the payload of space utilization system has been in orbit for 7 months. At present, the payload is in good state, running normally with stable performance. Rich experimental data and fruitful result have been obtained from the scientific and utilization experiment, and has made important breakthrough in forefront field of space exploration and utilization. At the same time, astronauts` in orbit participation in space utilization project is the unique feature of this task, fully embodies the manned space characteristics and the irreplaceable role of human.

On behalf of the crew members of Tiangong-II, Jing Haipeng said that the number of experiments onboard Tiangong-II ranks the top of China Manned Space Program. Major innovation have been made, which accumulated valuable data and experience for future utilization, and laid a solid foundation for the society as well as people's livelihood.

Xiang Libin appreciated the significant breakthroughs of Tiangong-II mission has made in the forefront field of space science exploration and utilization. He pointed out that space utilization system is the national space utilization system. As President Xi Jinping put forward in the national science and technology innovation conference "promote comprehensive development of space science, space technology and space utilization", the space utilization system should open mind, organize science and utilization tasks of Chinese Space Station for scientists worldwide, and make greater contributions to the human exploration of the space.

Personnel from Bureau of Major R&D Programs, Chinese Academy of Sciences, center for space utilization, Chinese academy of sciences, scientists and experts attended the conference.



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