Multiple space experiments will carry out onboard Tianzhou-I

Space utilization system carried by Tianzhou-I, China's first cargo spacecraft, entered the Hainan Wenchang launch center recently. The payload self-testing and shipment, as well as payload integrated electrical testing have been completed and each payload is functioning normally. Space utilization system will carry out multiple scientific experiment and technical verification test onboard Tianzhou-I cargo spacecraft.

"Key Technology Validation of non-Newtonian Gravitation Experimental Test" will perform in-orbit testing of the high-precision electrostatic suspension accelerometer, the results obtained will provide essential support to our space plan, such as "Satellite Gravity Measurement" and "Space Gravitational Wave Detection"; "Key Technology Validation of Active Vibration Isolation" project, to be implemented for the first time in China, will establish a technical foundation for the development of high microgravity experiment platform of Chinese Space Station; projects about "the effect of Microgravity on cell proliferation and differentiation" study  influence of microgravity environment on differentiation and proliferation of stem cells and germ cells, as well as the effect of microgravity on the structure and function of bone related cells, results from these projects are expected to be used in the treatment of heart disease, liver disease, organ transplantation, reproductive health and bone diseases etc.; "key technology research on "Two phase system experimental platform" first put forward by Chinese scientists, will carry out fluid evaporation and condensation experiments under microgravity, and this study will be implemented before ESA, promising Chinese scientists in the leading position in this field and make breakthrough in experimental technology.

The Tianzhou-I cargo spacecraft will be launched in late April. It is the final mission in space laboratory phase of China Space Program and it marks the completion of the second phase of "Three-step Strategy" in China Manned Space Program. Tianzhou-I mission will lay a solid foundation for the establishment of Chinese Space Station.



28th March 2017 From:Xinhua Net
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