European Parabolic Flight opportunities open to China

On January 17, 2017, Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CSU) signed a cooperation agreement with NOVESPACE, subsidiary of the French Space Agency (CNES). This cooperation marks that European parabolic flight opportunities are opened to Chinese clients from now on.

Mr. CAO Dianwen, Deputy Director of International Cooperation Bureau of CAS, Ms. GAO Ming, Director General of CSU, Ms. Sophie de BENTZMANN, Commissioner of Science and Technology of French Embassy in Beijing, Mr. Jean-Pascal Le FRANC, Director of Programming and International of CNES, Mr. Jean-François CLERVOY, ESA Astronaut, President of NOVESPACE, Mr. Thierry GHARIB, CEO of NOVESPACE and other leaders of both sides participated in this ceremony.

Ms. GAO Ming gave a warm welcome greeting, introducing the role of CSU in space utilization system of China Manned Space Program. Director Gao is confident that this cooperation between CSU and Novespace can lead to more remarkable achievements.

Mr. Cao Dianwen spoke highly of the contribution of CSU in Tiangong-II mission and placed great expectation in this in-depth cooperation. And he disclosed that CSU and CNES are discussing joint microgravity experiment by utilization the Chinese Space Station in the future.

Ms. Sophie de BENTZMANN reviewed the long cooperation history between China and France in space area. And anticipated this cooperation to be vital and sustainable.

From the aspect of an officer of CNES, Mr. Jean-Pascal Le FRANC emphasized the importance of this cooperation to both CSU and CNES.

As an astronomer, Mr. Jean-François CLERVOY adopted plenty of pictures and videos to show what is like in the parabolic flight and in weightlessness.
Mr. Thierry GHARIB disclosed that recently parabolic flight has also been used in making special-effects in films, or in science and education activities to experience the zero gravity environment.

There are only very limited meanings to achieve manned zero gravity environment. And parabolic flight is the only men-tending platform available for zero-gravity environment, besides space station, space laboratories and manned spacecraft. And parabolic flight has advantages such as short preparation period, large experimental area, and especially, it supports experiment with routine ground equipment. Thus it has been widely used in astronauts training, space science and utilization research, space equipment and technology validation.

On behalf of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Technology and Engineering Center for Space Utilization has been leading the space utilization system of China Manned Space Program. And as headquarters of the utilization system, it takes the responsibility of mission planning, implementation, achievement outreach of space science and utilization. NOVESPACE is the subsidiary of the French Space Agency. It has been providing parabolic flight services for European clients since 1988, commissioned by French Space Agency, European Space Agency, German Aerospace Agency and other space institutions. The cooperation between CSU and Novespace integrates resources and technical capacities from both sides. It will support the development of China manned space science and utilization, and further promote long-term and productive cooperation between CSU and Novespace.

As the affiliated institution of CSU, Zero Gravity Experiment Center (0GEC) will be the only representative of NOVESPACE in China, providing Chinese customers with technical support, mission organization and technical guarantee.


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