Chief Designer Zhao Guangheng Gave Lecture to Ambassadors of Ministry of Foreign Affairs

On the invitation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the People's Republic of China, and by the recommendation of International Cooperation Bureau of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Chief Designer of the space utilization, Director Deputy of the Center for Space Utilization, Zhao Guangheng, gave a lecture entitled "The Main Progress and Development Plan of Manned Space Science and Utilization" in the 5th Ambassador Counselor Class on 27th Oct, 2016.

Comrade from International Cooperation Bureau of Chinese Academy of Sciences attended the class and provided materials about the 13th Five-Year Plan and President`s International Fellowship Initiative of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

The class is hosted by Li Jian, Deputy Director-General of Department for Diplomatic Missions Abroad of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. More than 60 ambassadors, consul general and counselors, as well as party members of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs participated in the class.

In the two-hour report, director deputy Zhao briefly introduced general situation of China Manned Space Program and space utilization system, as well as the current progress of space science globally. The report elaborated the overall situation and the latest scientific research progress of Tiangong-II Space Laboratory. And the final part of the report described the plan of future Chinese Space Station.

The ambassadors were excited about the latest achievements in China manned space utilization and expressed their willingness to promote international cooperation in space science and utilization.


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