Yang Liwei:China Manned Space Enters Space Station Era

Astronaut Yang Liweimember of the national committee of CPPCCdeputy director of China Manned Space Agency, expressed that China Manned Space Program has fully transferred to the space station construction phase and has entered into space station era, on the first "member channel" of the first session of 13th National Committee of the CPPCC, on March 3, 2018.

Yang Liwei said that, after 25 years of arduous efforts, China has made breakthrough and mastered three basic technologies which are space transportation, astronaut extravehicular activity, rendezvous and docking, and now possess the ability to build space station. This year is crucial for manned space with heavy research tasks. The development of the core module of Chinese Space Station will transfer from preliminary phase to flight model phase, meanwhile, other modules are under development and manufacture of preliminary phase. China is going to select the third batch of astronauts this year and the selection have some changes in number, type and scope.

 “In the past, the flight mission was about once every two years, during the construction and operation period of Chinese Space Station in the future, there will be two launches each year, and more astronauts will be needed, therefore the number of selection will increase. The first two rounds of selection was aimed at pilots, and according to requirements of the project, we are going to select spaceflight engineers to perform tasks of construction and maintenance of Chinese Space Station, etc. In addition, since Chinese Space Station is also the national space laboratory, we will also select payload specialists to do experiments inside”, said Yang Liwei.

The scope of this astronaut selection is going to change likewise. “Not only face to air force pilots but also other related fields of society, such as relevant industrial departments, research institutes and universities. Not only select male astronauts but also female astronauts”, said Yang Liwei.

“The new era is the era of strivers, we sincerely hope and invite more young friends who are dedicated to spaceflight and dare to struggle hard to join this team, to build China into a space power. Being worthy of the call from new era”, said Yang Liwei.


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